benefits of yin yoga: going beyond the body

May 11, 2021
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Did you know that the benefits of Yin Yoga go beyond the benefits gained in the body? We also can benefit from this ancient practice mentally and emotionally too. 

By coming into a posture and holding for several minutes at a time, not only does the connective tissue or ‘fascia’ around our joints benefit but so does the way energy is transmuted within the body. 

Fascia is like a connective web running throughout our body and acts as a circuit board for our ‘prana’ or ‘Qi’ to flow. 

This inner circuit board is mapped out by what Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM refers to as ‘meridians’ and are pathways which direct the flow of Qi to all areas of the body.

These pathways must be clear in order for our energy to flow with ease therefore any obstruction can disrupt the flow, causing dis-ease within the body.   

By targeting specific areas of the body through the practice of yin yoga we encourage the flow of Qi within the body and the time we spend in each shape is an opportunity to observe our experience as a whole; to observe sensation within the body and also the habit of the mind. 

We are invited to soften the edges a little and to let go of the grasping and exertion that we often see in more active styles of yoga. We are asked to blend the corners and through this witnessing start tapping into the essence of yoga through observation, non-judgement and compassion.

Therefore it could be said that we don’t just benefit physically but mentally and emotionally too. We see not only a softness in our approach but also in our response. Our yoga practice becomes a metaphor representing the playing field that is our ‘life’ and we learn to let go a little more, to pause before we react and perhaps choose a softer kinder way that benefits not only ourselves, but those around us too.

“The essence of yin is yielding. Yang is about changing the world; yin accepts the world as it is. Neither is better than the other. There are indeed times when it is appropriate and even necessary to change the world; other times, it is best to just allow things to unfold. Part of the yin practice is learning this yielding.” 

― Bernie Clark

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Laura x