Let’s Talk Mindset: Yoga Hacks Episode 3

June 25, 2020
change // mediation // mindfulness // mindset // samskaras // thoughts

Master Your Mindset

If we believe that we are a certain way, fixed & non-changing, our behaviours will repeat and reinstate this self belief.  If we think we aren’t good at something, and the opportunity arises to try something similar, the chances are we will dismiss it as out of our range of abilities and stick to what we know is familiar.  The familiar and well travelled route leads us ‘back’ to where we feel safe. Yet more often than not, this comfort blanket limits our possibilities and experiences to grow and expand and we stay stuck in our limited beliefs and chained to our environment and self-fulfilling thoughts.


These grooves, or well trodden paths, are also known as ‘samskaras’.  These impressions are stored as positive and negative experiences or memories and serve to remind us to get ‘back in our box’ of self-limiting beliefs unless we do something to change it.

Samskaras cannot be altered by the mind.  The mind is excellent at many things: making exchanges and contracts with the world, being creative, getting its own way! But in many instances, some things cannot be sorted out by the mind.

We need to get to the source and pick out the roots of these experiences and re-name them in order that they can be filed and stored accordingly, so that they don’t leave a nasty taste in the mouth every time we come into contact with it or something similar.

Samskaras cannot be altered by the mind. We must go to the source.

To gain access to the root of these impressions, we must access the unconscious mind by detaching from our immediate environment. By doing so, we strip away any identification to the body, our mind, our environment and our time based reality: all factors that inhibit our ability to transform.

Mind the Gap

We must ‘mind the gap’ and intercept the stimulus and response reaction loop that keeps us in the same patterning, creating the same thoughts, emotions and actions. We can do this through pausing through mindful moments, immersing in ‘flow’ and meditation.

Can you take this leap of faith today to make imperfect action? To step into the unknown and be the curator of your own destiny?

Have Faith

You gotta have faith. Step outside of your comfort zone for it is only when we are uncomfortable do things begin to change.

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Laura x