13 Week Teacher Mentorship Program

Yoga Love Collective

13 Week Teacher Mentorship Program

26th October 2024
About this course
We are beyond excited to be announcing details of our forthcoming Advanced Teacher Training programme that starts this coming Winter in the UK.

In collaboration with our director Laura Barrett, Yoga Love Collective will be offering a very unique Mentorship Programme to qualified Yoga Teachers this October, where we will dive into our dharma as yoga students and recommit to our dedication to have become yoga teachers.

Whether you are fresh out of the blocks as a new teacher or have been teaching for several years, this course is designed to provide space and time for you to reconnect to your practice as a student and as a teacher. It is all too common to reach a point with your teaching where you can feel uninspired, disconnected or just completely consumed by imposter syndrome! Not only that, 200 hour teacher training courses barely scratch the surface when it actually comes to ‘teaching’ so we have curated the perfect mentorship program for you to learn the how’s and they why’s so that you can navigate your teaching with more confident and assurance whilst in the company of like minded souls.

Whilst teaching yoga can be an extremely fulfilling vacation it can also become a very lonely and isolating job, leaving the teacher to feel disconnected from their practice and without a network of peers to lean on for support, ideas or advice when you need it the most. This 13 week course is fully intended to create a community of support for you lean on for advice and guidance and working to remove the stigma that ‘there are too many yoga teachers and not enough students’. We ALL deserve to be here and we ALL have something very special to offer.

We are so looking forward to welcoming you.

Love & Blessings
Yoga Love Collective

What's Included
Expertly guided and mentored by Laura, this advanced training will span 100 hours and will include (but is not limited to):

-how to find joy again in your ‘own’ practice and recommit to your personal sadhana in a sustainable way
-share, discuss & normalise the ups and downs of the business of yoga
-how we can avoid burn out as teachers
-imposters syndrome and what we can do about it
-creative sequencing & theming
-creative lesson planning for your classes
-re-inspire your language & cueing
-hands on assists and gain confidence
-a comprehensive 2 day course on meditation & pranayama
-a comprehensive 2 day course on teaching beginners
-a comprehensive 2 day course on teaching chair yoga/accessible yoga

You’ll also receive full mentorship support, handouts and peer support that will last beyond this course.

There will also be an opportunity to ‘add on’ a one to one with Laura to dive a little deeper into your business plan and create something that fully aligns with you and where you would like to head as a confident and knowledgable teacher.

13 Week Teacher Mentorship Program
Course Information
Commencing 26th October the course of 13 weeks you take you deep into the fundamentals of the practice and reignite your passion for sharing what you love and embody so deeply.
Our meet ups will be at the beautiful new Yoga Love Collective studio in Darwen on designated weekends and will start with an yoga practice where you get to reconnect, followed by two 2 hour workshops where you will dive into the how’s and why’s, connect with your peers and share and support one another into creativity.
This course is open to those who have their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate who are looking to reconnect to their spark, expand their vocabulary and recommit to this ever evolving practice. All modules are to be completed by the student to achieve the 100hour Advanced Teacher Training Certificate, or modules can be attended individually as CPD hours for those looking to ‘dive into’ the specifics without the commitment of the 12 week course.
Hours and Certification
This 13 week mentorship program is a 100 hour intensive and counts as Continuing Education with the Yoga Alliance for Certified Yoga Teachers seeking to further their studies and accreditations.
Course Fees
100 hour Advanced TT Certificate – 12 Week Course Investment:

Early Bird £980 – Deposit received by 1st July 2024
Full Price £1200

£200 deposit to secure your space
Payment plans available on request

Individual Modules – Can be booked independently subject to availability

Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7: £130 per module
Modules 6, 8 & 9 Teaching Beginners/Chair Yoga/Meditation & Pranayama: £200 per module

How to get there
Yoga Love Collective
Duckworth Street

The studio is located on the main A666 route travelling through the centre of Darwen less than 10 minutes drive from the junction 4 exit of the M65. It is across the road from Lidl and in the same building as Peekaboo Nursery. To access the studio, please use the red side door located to the right of the building as you’re looking at it. There is free parking in front of the building, to the left in front of Motevo and a huge car park to the right behind Brookside Hair & Beauty.

The studio has a kettle for teas and coffees and a fridge which you can store lunch/snacks in during the week.

How to secure your space
If you would like to book on, please contact us here: info@yogalovecollective.co.uk  and we will get back to you to confirm your booking and share details of how to pay.
Dates – 100 Hour Advanced Training





October 26th 9.30am-5pm 

Module 1

Your Why as a Student & Teacher – Burn out + Imposter Syndrome 

6 contact 3 non contact hours = 9 CPD Hours

November 2nd 9.30am-4pm

Module 2

Creative & Authentic Sequencing

5 contact 2 non contact = 7 CPD Hours

November 9th 9.30am-4pm

Module 3

How to stay creative with Lesson Planning

5 contact 2 non contact = 7 CPD Hours

November 16th 9.30am-4pm

Module 4

Refine Your Language & Cueing & Gaining Confidence to use Your Voice as a Teacher

5 contact 2 non contact = 7 CPD Hours

November 23rd 9.30am-4pm

Module 5

The Business of being a Yoga Teacher & How to thrive in a noisy industry

5 contact 2 non contact = 7 CPD Hours

November 30th 9.30am-4pm 

Module 6 – Day 1

Teaching Meditation & Pranayama

5 contact 2 non contact = 7 CPD Hours

December 7th  9.30am-4pm

Module 6 – Day 2

Teaching Meditation & Pranayama

5 contact 2 non contact = 7 CPD Hours

December 8th-January 3rd

One to One Mentorship Add on // Goal Setting & Road Mapping

Fine tune your offerings with Laura with a one to one

2 contact 9 non contact = 11

January 4th 9.30am-4pm 

Module 7

Hands on Assists

5 contact 2 non contact = 7 CPD Hours

January 11th 9.30am-4pm & 12th 10am-4.15pm

Module 8

Chair Yoga Making Yoga Accessible

12 contact 4 non contact = 16 CPD Hours

January 18th 9.30am-4pm & 19th 10am-4.15pm

Module 9

Teaching Beginners

11 contact 4 non contact = 15 CPD Hours